I created this memorial website for my little daughter Eleanore, she was 7. She was born on a sunny April 7th 2005, and left us too early on December 2012.

Eleanore was such a wonderful girl. She made the joy and the happiness of her parents, baby brother and grandparents.No one should lose a child.

Eleanore was a very good painter, always giving us drawing; she colored our life as the colors on her drawing. She imagined she could learn to read to her little brother.

Every summer she made the happiness of her grandma and her grandpa, together they were gardening and picking some fruits, cooking pies. Even the dog, Harry, recognized her!

All your school friends miss you, my sweet daughter, they wrote so many poems, songs, and have drawn a big tree in your loving memory; each branch has a sweet though for you. Your little brother can stop calling you, Lanor!

Eleanore you are much loved and will always be remembered by all your family and friends.

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